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My name is Clay Richardson. I am originally from Hattiesburg, MS. But after graduating from Mississippi State University, I moved to Nashville, TN. After three years of being away, I decided to move back to Mississippi. I started at Southern Mississippi Trading at the end of 2022, and I am specializing in the multi family business.

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My Story

What year did you start at SMT? 2022

What do you specialize in? Multi Family

What is your favorite thing about the company? The people and the culture

What are some fun facts about yourself? I have two different sized pupils. I studied Industrial Engineering at Mississippi State and lived in Nashville for 3 years working in investment real estate.

What is your favorite food? You can't beat a good steak

Do you have any pets? I have a mini goldendoodle named Ace

Where have you traveled? St. Lucia, Mexico, Hawaii, Colorado, Utah, and Napa Valley, CA

What are some of your hobbies? Golfing, Grilling, Pickleball, and snow skiing

What are some things you love? My family, All things Mississippi State


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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