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Wooden Architecture


Elevate your projects with the finest building materials in the wholesale industry. Welcome to SMT's Products Page, where quality meets innovation. Uncover a comprehensive range of construction essentials meticulously curated for durability and performance. Explore our diverse catalog, crafted to exceed industry standards and elevate your construction projects to new heights. Find the perfect foundation for success as we redefine excellence in the building material wholesale sector.
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Spruce Pine Fir

A key player in Building Products Industry. Explore the versatility of Spruce Pine Fir for reliable and cost-effective construction solutions. Discover its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, straight grain, and uniform texture for superior structural integrity in various building applications.

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Oriented Strand Board

Revolutionize construction with Oriented Strand Board (OSB): Explore durable solutions for framing, sheathing, and structural applications. Elevate your projects with high-performance OSB, a cost-effective building material redefining standards for quality and reliability in the construction sector.

A new wooden, timber deck being constructed. it is partially completed. a drill can be see

Industrial Products

From precision cut-to-stock panels to durable decking, particle board, moulding, exterior trim, and expert remanufacturing. Elevate your construction projects with premium building materials, Tailored to exceed industry standards. Explore a comprehensive range of solutions in the industrial world of building products. 

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Southern Yellow Pine

Southern Yellow Pine dominates the Building Products Industry. Dive into the strength, durability, and versatility of this premier softwood. Explore superior construction solutions with Southern Yellow Pine, offering exceptional performance and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your projects with a trusted building material known for its quality and reliability.

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Discover timeless elegance and durability with Hardwood: Explore the exceptional strength and charming look of high-quality Hardwood for flooring, cabinetry, and architectural enhancements. Choose sustainable and durable solutions for a lasting impression. Unleash the beauty of Hardwood in your construction endeavors.

Roof Shingles

Specialty Misc. Items

We specialize in plastic products, overstock items, customer returns, buys backs and liquidation merchandise in a wide array of products. We are a leading commodities trading company in shingles and other building materials that result in a completed property. 

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High-quality Plywood in the Building Products Industry is an every project solution. Discover excellent construction material ideal for framing, sheathing, and various applications. Choose Plywood for reliable and cost-effective building solutions.

Installing Laminated Floor

Floor Covering Products

Explore diverse options in the Building Products Industry. From laminate flooring, modern tiles, solid wood flooring, and vinyl flooring, discover high-quality solutions for every aesthetic.

Recycled Paper


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We aim to satisfy global efficiencies through our logistical expertise by providing connection from supply and demand

Stock Market


We strive to discover trades that are fair and efficient while staying active in a consistently changing market.

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We control our risk management by managing volatility of products so that we can buy and sell on a consistent level.

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We discover new markets daily. We use innovation to deliver new product lines and funnel new opportunities

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Our traders invest their time in quality and quantity control of high volume inventory. Your product will be ready when you are.

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We build our logistics network every day to ensure we provide to the highest capability. We ensure product reaches our customers efficiently at the best dollar amount possible.

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Anchorage relationships between mills and suppliers to ensure we deliver the best product.

Stay consistent with providing communication from beginning to end while make your work life easier.

Be reliable, relentless, and determined to back up our word with capital and scale.

We are the systematic link in the supply chain that finds the best solutions to the toughest challenges.

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