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It’s 1985, and I just stepped into my first day at Southern Mississippi Trading. One year after I graduated from the University of South Alabama with a degree in Civil Engineering, and I was ready to enter the workforce. I shifted my focus to the president’s office and whispered to myself “that is the job I want.” I knew in that moment that every day in the office would be a stride towards becoming president of this incredible company. I uphold the mindset that I need to exceed yesterday’s expectations and practice a perfect work mentality so that I can never be told “no.”

Fast forward to 2016—that goal became a reality. After being a Sales Group Leader for 15 years, I was officially named the President of Southern Mississippi Trading. My ambitions lie on the achievement of customer satisfaction. My objective is to provide an excellent working environment that supports each individual who shows up to the office in the dark and gets the job done.  I firmly believe that our employees need to take the time to pursue life outside of the office and we strive create a culture that encourages this work life balance.


There is nothing like the environment of Southern Mississippi Trading. The people are the best part. There is something about the human psychology that is displayed on the floor, and I love to see these men and women reach their potential. The scope of mind is that I work for these guys, not the other way around. We work for the community; we give back where we can.

Being a life-long hunter, fisherman, and wildlife conservationist, I also like to give back to the environment. 32 years ago, I bought a piece of land and started an exciting life of tree-farming and wildlife conservation. And in 2021, I was humbly awarded the Wildlife Conservation Award by the Mississippi Association of Conservation Districts. Being recognized for this award is such an honor and representation to life’s hard work.

I look forward to connecting with you and growing a better community together.


“A man’s GOT to know his limitations.” –Clint Eastwood (Magnum Force) That is why it is so important to depend on YOUR team.



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