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Empowering Construction Excellence: Our Building Products Industry Solutions Across Diverse Sectors

SMT is dedicated to providing a wide range of commercial industries with the products they need to be successful. Whether it’s sourcing, supplying, custom ordering or logistics, we work with you along every step of your business process. We create undeniable impact with deep rooted partnerships. We help your business produce better margins by supplementing the commodity with knowledge. SMT buys from mills throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico and sells by the truck and railcar to lumber yards, distribution centers, home centers, industrial users and manufacturers. As a leader in our industry, we are always open to creating new partnerships and growing opportunities. 

New Pallets stacked on top of each other outside


We supply pallet manufacturers with the products they need to deliver pallets and packaging solutions to their customers globally. 


We provide our customers with lumber and panel products to build specified and custom-made crates to fit any application. We contribute to reducing container costs and package waste.

Crate Shipping
Plywood reels


We cater to industry-leading manufacturers that are required to provide their customers with demanding industrial applications.


We aid in growing distribution yards to a successful automated fulfillment chain for their customers. We build your inventory to be readily accessible to your customer base.

Image of stacked lumber wood boards in a distribution yard
treated timber stacked outside


Pressure treatment uses a complicated process to imbue wood with chemical preservatives. These preservatives protect the wood. Our goal is to provide these plants with pressure treated southern yellow pine, dimensional lumber, and timber for commercial and residential use.

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